This conference which is organized by the MA Fine Art department in collaboration with MA Design at Iceland Academy of the Arts will bring together cross-disciplinary thinkers and makers reflecting on concerns relating to human action in nature and the power of ecological thinking. Under increasingly critical environmental circumstances, the need for radical thinking across multiple disciplines is greater than ever, to form a new interdisciplinary discourse where we may find opportunity to reframe and readdress the pressing biopolitical and ecological questions and problems we are facing. Through a variety of lectures, case-studies and discussions we tackle the question of how art, design and science combine to effect change.


Photos by ©snaebjornsdottir/wilson

Lectures: (open to the public)
09:00 – 09.45
Steven Campana - Sharks, sharks everywhere – so why are we so worried?
09.45 – 10.30
Ron Broglio - Animality at the Limits of the Biopolitical: Reorienting the Space of Containment
10:45 – 11.30
Shauna Laurel Jones - Feathered Majesty in the Grainfields: Conflict, Conservation, and the Whooper Swan in Iceland
11.30 -12.15
Xarene Eskandar – Towards a Philosophy of Semantics for Artificial Intelligence.
12.15 – 13:00
Cary Wolfe -Never Again Would Bird’s Song Be the Same