Monday 18th of September at 12:15 Javier Sánchez Merina gives a lecture in lecture room A at Þverholt 11

Nowadays we live in a moment of history when no one can predict even our most immediate future.

Javier Sánchez Merina is professor of Architecture at Alicante University (Spain), a School that bases its pedagogy on the need to prepare the students to be ready for fast changes in the discipline. It is a process to acquire knowledge from hidden realities that calls for 3 key points:

- Methodology: The importance of learning how to work with the unknown as a way to build up a research. This helps our graduates to find opportunities how to create new potentials.

- Specialization: To reach it we need to approach external experts, encouraging our graduates to work within multidisciplinary groups.

- Internationalisation: as an unlimited source for ideas and opportunities to evolve, to work in global terms.

His talk will revise the potential of this approach with exercises by students of Alicante, as well as with the explanation of his professional research on Therapeutic Architecture (Alzheimer and Autism).


GESTAGANGUR is a lecture series by The Department of Design and Architecture at Iceland Academy of the Arts.
The lecture will be in English and open to the public.