Within the project “Exploring Transitions” a group of 15 students from the University of Art and Design Halle/ Germany is using journey as a form of design practice for attentive seeing, experiential learning, contextualising research and relocating mindsets.

We kindly invite you to participate in an open discussion and to share common practice, insights and knowledge amongst each other.

Exploration is an act of searching and experiencing, driven by the motivation to discover the Unknown. Whereas the Unknown in the great decades of exploration from the 15th to the 18th century was unknown territory, what are the Unknowns of today and how can we explore them?

Today’s challenges like climate change, geopolitics or fiscal policy are complex and disruptive and need to be understood in a global context. Over more, these processes are not static but have to be conceptualised as dynamic transitions.

Exploration facilitates a way to approach the Unknowns of these processes by revealing their underlying principles.