The exhibition Garður/Garden opens on the 9th of September at 15:00 in Kamesið, on the fifth floor of the Reykjavik City Library, Grófin Culture House,
Garður is a photo series that aims to capture the mysteries of plants with regard to but also regardless of their role in the design of a public garden and it’s community.
The multiple lines and colours of the flora have a meaning that can only be understood to a certain extent, but perhaps they can be further comprehended by that part of the mind that remains mysterious itself. Here you can read more about the exhibition
Elín Helena Evertsdóttir is currently studying at the Arts Education Department of Iceland Academy of the Arts. She completed her Bachelor Degree in Art from Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2001 and her Master studies from The Glasgow School of Art in 2005. 
She works in different media and her work is often about perception, transformation, and the unusual in the usual. Elín Helena has had several solo shows, and has participated in many group shows both in Iceland and abroad.
The exhibition is open from the 9th to the 27th of September 2017 during the opening hours of the Reykjavík City Library and is open to all.