Tuesday April 4th at 12:15 Gábor Máté gives a lecture in Thverholt 11, lecture room A.

Gábor Máté is an hungarian photographer and Head of the Photography Programme at the Moholy-Nagy Univeristy of Arts and Design (MOME) in Budapest. Maté's works are often situated on the border between aesthetic photography and documentary photography, addressing both urgent social problems and the complex social structures of today. He has received many awards for his work and in his lecture he will specifically talk about the works „Philemon’s Dream – The Idea of Eternal Marriage” and „Divorce. The Resolution Reached with Difficulty”. Both of these works, which were exhibited at the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center in Budapest last year, deal with the complex interplay of individualism and solidarity in marriages of our time.

In his talk, Máté will reflect on works, both his own and of others, emphasising the philosophical premises of photographic works and the possibility for photography to address and to communicate contemporary issues in aesthetic and critical ways. Furthermore, he will discuss the conceptual framework of the photography program at the MOME University in Budapest.


The lecture will be held in English and is open to the public

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