Tuesday 28th of November, Seetal Solanki gives the lecture "Why Materials Matter"  in lecture room A in Þverholt 11. The lecture will be in English and open to the public.
Seetal Solanki is the Founder and Director of Ma-tt-er, a research design studio that explores the past, present and future of materials. Working across industry and education, advising and supporting the implementation of responsible materials to shape the immediate, near and far future.
Why Materials Matter
Most materials have an infinite lifecycle. They can be re-used, reformed and redesigned with a new purpose. By harnessing the unexplored potential of materials we can implement social, economic, environmental and political change through a cross sector approach.
By considering identity, lifecycles and systems thinking, we propose an alternative approach to applying materials, encouraging a positive economic, environmental and social change, revealing the truth of how we live today and might live tomorrow.
GESTAGANGUR is a lecture series by The Department of Design and Architecture at Iceland Academy of the Arts.