The artist TORA opens a solo exhibition next Thursday, October 26th at 5pm - 7 pm in Galleri Kubbur. The exhibition is part of solo exhibition series by 3rd year students at the Fine Art Department. 

The exhibition headlines “SNART”.  SNART is an acronym for Self Narrative ART. SNART is TORA´s artistic Manifesto. The fundamentals of SNART is Art as an individual expression that essentiates mirroring and Self creation through Emotions.
The exhibition evolves around SNART, hate-speech, social media, life and death.
“I record hate-speeches that I collect on my browsing the world wide web. I chop them up; fiddle with them; and aim to make them into artworks. The purpose is to show how hate can spread like ripples in water. Hate-speech coins my existence. I am interested in the Self-Image and it´s creation.
This is an artistic research. With inspection through creation I believe I have found an archaic correlation between Hate – Fear – Death and Self-Image. I believe this endeavor has resulted in a deeper understanding in human fundamentals than possible by any logic or cognitive appreciation. It is my firm believe that Art is the force that best can deal with emotional correlation that is the essential cause for hate-speech, hate-crimes and inevitably violence in it´s essence. I am convinced that I have demonstrated Art´s core purpose and justification”.


In the time period - October 5th - December 3rd - each 3rd year student at the Fine Art Department will have a solo show. 

Every Thursday three exhibitions will open in the exhibition spaces located around the school: Kubbur, Nafli and Hulduland. One student will exhibit in a former kiosk at Sunnutorg in Langholtsvegur 70.

On Fridays, there will be an artist talk at 3pm. Usually starting at Nafli!

The solo shows are part of their participation in the course: Professors- Studios, under the supervision of Bjarki Bragason. Other tutors are Unnar Örn Jónasson and Anne Romback. Juliane Foronda is an assistant teacher and other guest tutors are Nadim Samman, Werner Herzog and Sigrún Sirra Sigurðardóttir.