Painting - Not a Medium will open in Hafnarborg on Friday, August 24th at 20:00. The curator of the show is Jóhannes Dagsson, lector and MA Programme Director of Theory at the Fine Art department.

Welcome to Painting – Not a Medium. The subject of this exhibition is painting and its place in the post-medium art world. In this milieu, artists shift their ideas between different forms and materials to an increasing extent. The exhibition at hand is not an attempt to prove or disprove an idea, but rather an opportunity to ponder and to perceive. It is a chance to reflect on a specific idea about painting, namely the idea that painting is best understood in the context of something other than the medium in which the artist chooses to work. In and of themselves, the works in the exhibition do not share a common thread, but are all different, whether in their origin, emphasis or subject matter. Each is thus a complex, intriguing work in its own right and by putting them in a shared context, an opportunity arises for a new experience, a different perception.

Exhibiting artists are: Fritz Hendrik Berndsen, Hildur Bjarnadóttir, Hulda Stefánsdóttir, Ingunn Fjóla Ingþórsdóttir, Jakob Veigar Sigurðsson, Magnús Helgason, Melanie Ubaldo, Sigurður Guðjónsson og Þorgerður Þórhallsdóttir.

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