Málstofa í Sölvhóli, föstudag 15. september kl 13:00
Curating as an Artistic Practice – Towards Accidents, Microbes and Invisible Star Light.
Over the course of an hour – curators Alexander Roberts and Ásgerður G. Gunnarsdóttir will introduce a series of metaphors that each – in their own terms – lay the conceptual foundations for thinking through the role of the curator within the performing arts today. Speaking concretely from their own experiences of working across a variety of platforms and initiatives in Iceland, the two of them will explore these metaphors as a way of expanding the imagination around what curating can do.
Ásgerður is Head of Theory in the Performing Arts Department and Alexander is the Programme Director for the MFA in Performing Arts. Both hold the position of Lector in the Iceland Academy of the Arts.