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The three main values of the Iceland University of the Arts are curiosity, understanding, and courage, all of which you will need as you embark on a new phase of your life in a new country. On this page you will find some information to help you navigate on this journey.


Registration and Student Residence Permits

Citizens from EU/EEA/EFTA countries do not need to obtain a student residence permit to study in Iceland. Students staying in Iceland for longer than six months, should register with the Registers Iceland. Through this application you will receive an Icelandic ID number "kennitala". Exchange students staying for less than 6 months, who would like to obtain kennitala should contact the International office of IUA.
Citizens of countries outside the EU/EEA/EFTA area must apply for a residence permit in Iceland. This applies also to Erasmus students who don not hold an EU/EEA/EFTA passport. Please note that the process takes time and effort so we urge you to read the information and instructions on the website of the Directorate of Immigration carefully.

Accommodation and Cost of Living

The IUA does not provide student accommodation. Most students find rooms/apartments with private landlords or through rental services. Links provided in the side menu.
Note that due to an increase in tourism it can be tricky to find housing in August so you may need to stay in short term housing during your first days of study. A room for rent may cost between 70.000 - 100.000 ISK per month. Prices for an apartment vary greatly.
Please keep in mind that the cost of living in Reykjavik is high. The official estimated cost of living in Iceland is 180.550 ISK per month for one person, but of course this varies depending on individual needs and lifestyle. For further information go to studyiniceland.is

Services and contact information

Departmental Coordinators

Architecture & Design: Hafdís Harðardóttir: hafdis@lhi.is 
Fine Art: Edda Kristín Sigurjónsdóttir: eddakristin@lhi.is
Music: Sunna Sigurðardóttir: sunna@lhi.is
Theatre and Performance: Dagmar Atladóttir: dagmar@lhi.is

Service Coordinators

Each building has a service coordinator who takes care of and allocates studio spaces, rents equipment and helps with practical matters regarding IUA facilities. 

Thverholt: Halla Kristín Hannesdóttir: hallak@lhi.is
Laugarnes: Sigrún Hlín Sigurðardóttir: sigrunhlin@lhi.is
Skipholt: Sunna Sigurðardóttir: sunna@lhi.is


If you need assistance regarding your username, email, and passwords please contact: verkbeidni@lhi.is


Learning the Language

At the Iceland University of the Arts, the main language of instruction at the BA level is Icelandic, while all MA studies are conducted in English (except Arts Education and Vocal/Instrumental Education). Though you will find that you can quite easily get away with speaking English in Iceland, we encourage you to learn our language as a part of your experience of living in Iceland. The IUA offers Icelandic courses to all international students in both the autumn and spring semesters.
The University Centre of the West Fjords offers an annual intensive course in August on different levels.
You can also find courses available throughout the year in Reykjavik:




Main office: Þverholt 11, 5th floor. 

Alma Ragnarsdóttir: alma@lhi.is

Þorgerður Edda Hall: thorgerdurhall@lhi.is



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