We here at the Department of Performing Arts welcome our friends from The National Theater School in Greenland.

“INUIT” is a “modern adventure”, but the text material in the prologue, the dialogue and songs in the performance are derived from ancient Inuit stories, drumsongs and mythological tales. The play will be performed in Greenlandic, but due to the simplicity of the story outline and an extensive use of body language and visual elements, the performance is easily understood for non-Greenlandic audiences.
The title INUIT is double-edged. It can mean both “the people” and the Inuit. Similarly, the per- formance can be interpreted as a drama, which, in the form of the story, tells about the coloniza- tion of Greenland, and as a drama that, on a more universal plan, speaks of a group of people’s oppression and liberation process.
The mask is an essential theatrical element in the performance, a concrete expression of the alienation of human beings that is forced upon them by “the white spirit”.
INUIT is a new and reworked version of the Tuukaq Theater’s 42-year-old classic.
In the new version of the play, we focus on allowing the new generation of actors to step for- ward. They are however directed by professional experienced actors who are educated at the Tuukkaq Theater and who have participated in the performance during their education.

The performance INUIT has since 1975 been the signature performance for the Tuukkaq Theatre.