THE WORKSHOP; Express Yourself 26. - 27. August at Tunglið LHÍ.

What: Amazing workshop with critically aclaimed dance-researcher Steinunn Ketilsdóttir
For Whom: Individuals with basic technical skills & Creative mindsets, professionals as well as students. 18+
When: 26 – 27 ágúst 2017 at 10:00 – 16:00
Where: Tunglið IAA, Lækjargata 2A (Above Grillmarkaður, restaurant)
Price: 90 EURO / 9.900 ISK (Free registration for IAA- students)
Registration: Send your CV (1 page) to

Steinunn Ketilsdóttir, choreographer and research fellow at department of Performing Arts IAA, will give a workshop this August for both students and professionals. The Workshop is held in conjunction with newly founded International Dance Program at the IAA, launched Autumn 2018, and Reykjavík Dance Festival.

What does a dancer do? In this workshop we explore the expectations of the dancing body in space. Utilizing the physicality of our trained dancing bodies we investigate movement through improvisational practices initiated from different departure points such as pleasure and production. In our explorations we examine the expected through notions of lack and excess playing with limits of too much, not enough and just enough. Moving deeply and consciously in and out of the expected we ultimately seek the unexpected.

The workshop is a part of EXPRESSIONS: the power and politics of expectations in dance, a choreographic research project that explores expectations in dance, lead by Icelandic choreographer Steinunn Ketilsdóttir in collaboration with a team of artists and scholars.

Contemporary Dance Practices IAA

EXPRESSIONS: the power and politics of expectations in dance is a project that explores expectations in dance through a research of theory and choreographic practice aiming to generate new knowledge and explore the potentialities of dance outside of its expected manifestation. By questioning choreographic structures, methods, and expectations in dance, the project aims to deconstruct and reconfigure the very concept of expectation itself.

Through a series of research residencies material and information will be generated through workshops, lectures, and discussions resulting in performances, presentations and publications. Developing a critical conversation around expectations in dance in relationship to the structure of the art form, the project will bring together the views and voices from

different individuals and groups in the Nordic region and internationally, all of which are affiliated with dance as an art form through various avenues. The project is led by Steinunn Ketilsdóttir and the research team consists of established artists who will work extensively together, and in conversation with other international artists, throughout the project with the support of its partners. More info here.


Steinunn Ketilsdóttir is an Icelandic choreographer based in Reykjavík. She has a BSc. Degree in Business Administration from Reykjavík University and in 2005 she earned a BA in Dance from Hunter College New York. In 2016 she graduated with a Master in Performance Studies from NYU Tisch School of Arts where she was awarded the coveted Performance Studies Award upon graduation.

Steinunn has worked internationally throughout her career both independently and in collaboration with other artists, creating a number of works that have been shown at various venues and festivals in Iceland and across Europe and US.

Steinunn has been nominated for the Icelandic Theater Awards for her works and collaborations and in 2010 she received awards for both performance and choreography for her solo Superhero.

Steinunn has been a teacher at the Performing Arts Department of the Iceland Academy of the Arts since 2007 where she was recently granted a research fellow position. Throughout her career she has been an active member of the independent dance scene in Iceland and involved in the development of Reykjavík Dance Festival and the Reykjavík Dance Atelier.

Steinunn continues to develop and present her ongoing solo project, OVERSTATEMENT/OVERSTEINUNN: Expressions of Expectations and working on the choreographic research project EXPRESSIONS: the power and politics of expectations in dance, alongside other collaborative projects.