Kimi Tayler opnar einkasýninguna Safnið um Gagnamagniðcollection of data í Huldulandi, 1. hæð Listaháskólans á Laugarnesvegi 91, föstudaginn 9. mars kl. 16:00. Er þetta fimmta opnun meistaranema í myndlist á vormisseri innan sýningarraðarinnar Kveikjuþræðir.


I didn’t know this feeling was a feeling I was capable of feeling. 
- Daði Freyr Pétursson, 2017 

Welcome to Safnið um Gagnamagnið/ collection of data.

In my work and research, I deal with what anchors us to a specific place and time, and what gives us our sense of belonging within that space. Usually I find this is through natural objects but in Safnið um Gagnamagniðcollection of data, I am exploring how this can be applicable to a particular moment, or in this case, a specific song; how this can relate to memory and experience and in turn the significance of what we give personal meaning to. What grounds us when we are unsettled or unstable? People? Music? Objects? 

By building a museum around and, hooking on to something as culturally specific as a song that came second in the Eurovision Song Contest for Iceland 2017, I am thinking about and asking questions of how I experience and identify with country and culture as an outsider. Do the things we choose to identify with affect our sense of belonging and identify our place?  

The idea and the eccentricities of something being important enough to have its own curated collection or museum and personal archiving is something I am fascinated with. Safnið um Gagnamagnið/ collection of data takes the form of absurdities, objects, drawings, moments and performance about a song and a collection of people, as a means of exploring my own connectedness to Iceland and its own history of personal museums. Through music, language, humor and one perceived very special cultural moment I am forming and performing my own personal archive of experience. I am asking questions of myself and my place within the society that I am choosing to call my home, and am considering the boundaries of the feelings I am capable of feeling. 

Ísland- hvað með það? 
Is this love? 

Meistaranemar á fyrra ári í myndlist við Listaháskóla Íslands halda röð samsýninga á vorönn 2017. Sýningarnar eru af ólíkum toga en eiga það sammerkt að vera eins konar kveikjuþræðir og nánari útfærslur af hugmyndum og vinnuferli nemenda fram til þessa.

Kimi Tayler is a British artist working with drawing, objects, and documentation of performance as a means of exploring connection/disconnection, displacement and belonging. She has a BA (hons) in Fine Art from the University of Hertfordshire and was selected for the Drawing Intensive programme at the Royal Drawing School, London in 2015. Kimi has exhibited in the across the UK, USA and Iceland, and has undertaken residencies in Norway and Iceland. She is currently studying on the MA Fine Art programme at IUA. 

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